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Special offers Decorative hides and skins Welcome to our site !

Discover the quality and tradition of our animal hide products.

Cowhides Dyed hides Deer hides Sheepskin slippers Sheepskin mittens Sheepskin schapskas Sheepskin waistcoats

Permanent stock

You will find us at all the big trade fairs and international exhibitions. Our products are always in stock.

New and original, the assortment

Brittany flag, cowhide playing card mat

Skins for specialised use

  • Chamois style leather for polishing,
  • Fish skins (for leather goods, shoes, decorating clothing ),
  • Dried skin for :
Parchment for calligraphy - book covering, illumination designs,
- lamp shades,
- musical percussion instruments : drums, djembes, gongs,...


Any shape of sheepskin carpets
A warm interior !
Simple or stitched sheepskins
and sheepskin carpets

Tannery service

Make the most of your sheep, cow, calf, goat hides... Contact us.

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